WAKFU - Ogrest Pack Gift Steam GLOBAL

WAKFU - Ogrest Pack Gift Steam GLOBAL

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  • Be ready to face the World of Twelve with exclusive and powerful items! * Be careful, this DLC pack can be activated only for the following game servers : Remington, Nox, Dathura, Amara, Elbor, Efrim. The Ogrest Pack includes: 360 days of Booster benefits +30% XP points in combat and quests +10% chance to drop items at the end of combats +30% Kamas at the end of the combat Exclusive early access to latest areas and content Secondary characters get an XP bonus according to main character level Fill your health with one click Vote for governor’s elections This Booster pack will only be available for the characters on the server you’ll choose after redeeming the pack code. 25000 Ogrines − Ogrines can be used in the Boutique to get items, services and Booster Packs. Phoenix Pet − This powerful gold pet gives you +60 HP and +30% Damage at level 50. Protoflex Sidekick − The first thing you will notice with the Protoflex is that it never backs down. − If you send him on an enemy, he will make porridge out of him! Its particularity? Two elements combined together 50% earth, 50% fire... Krosmoglob Sidekick − This technomagical orb will surprise your opponents by its shape, its movements and attacks. He also proves that the Sidekicks are not necessarily humanoid... − The Krosmoglob is your dual element Sidekick, and he is also the greatest of all Air/Water!Scroll of Absolution − Redistributes your stats and specialties points, as well as your spells experience. Very useful if you want to adapt your strategy. Vital Energy Cocktail − Gives you back all your Vitality at the end of the next 5 fights. Pet XP Boost − Gives 2 more levels to your pet White Sadida Bag − 20 slots inventory bag Mystery Box Costume − What costume will you get in this mystery box? Jade Dynast Costume − This splendid animated costume will make you look classy. Mount : Drago-Steed of Range − This petsmount can increase (once it reaches level 50) your damage range from 40% and your movement speed from 50%. Obsidian Harness − This very specific harness will make your mount even more impressive! 4 STEAM Exclusive cosmetic items Adal costume (covers your equipment without losing your stats) Steam Haven-Bag Kit (external appearance of your housing bag) Steam Trophy (decoration for your Haven-Bag) Steam-Powered Adventurer Title Brandish Your Big Sword You’ll have the chance to show your huge weapon to those around you! Foggernaut Bedroom Set 10 decoration items based on the Foggernaut class. 

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